Today we had to see if Wikipedia was fake or not we found 3 mistakes the first mistake was the uniform colors it said it was orange and green. 2 mistake was the principle was Mary Fitzgerald but the Principe is Michele Fitzgerald. 3 mistake was the house colors flagstaff said it was Blue and Hopkins was Red.

Year 7 ILEARN Videos

I think the movie went very well every one gave good feedback and some people laughed at it because I was the only one of the students that where in my group…. Thank you everyone for watching… I learnt Heaps about videos if it is a long movie just about one thing it is not very effective.

Making Mixtures Experiment!!

A.  Solid / Solid Mixture

Mix a teaspoon of sand and a teaspoon of salt in a watchglass. Observe using a microscope.

  1. Take a picture of the mixture. Done.
  2. Can you see separate grains of salt and sand? Yes you could see separate grains of salt and sand.
  3. How could you separate this mixture? Move them one by one.

B.  Solid / Liquid Mixture

Mix half a spatula full of flour in a test tube of water. Shake it, then leave it to stand.

  1. Are particles of flour visible in the water? Yes particles of flour visible in the water.
  2. Describe what you observed. I saw a dusty cloud of water.
  3. What type of mixture is this? Suspension.

C.  Liquid / Liquid Mixture

Add a few drops of oil to half a test tube of water. Observe. Shake the test tube and leave it to stand for 2 minutes. Observe. Now add a few drops of detergent to the test tube, the shake and observe.

  1. What did you observe at the start? All of the oil was on top.
  2. After standing, were the oil and water mixed? Is this mixture an emulsion? Yes it is a emulsion.
  3. What did you observe after you added the detergent? Some of the oil mixed with the water.
  4. After standing, were the oil and water mixed now? Is this mixture an emulsion? No this mixture is not a emulsion.
  5. How do you think detergents work to clean our dishes? They make things mix with the water and to help clean dishes

Louis Pastuer

A French hero!

•Born. 27.12.1822
•Died. 28.9.1895
•Children. Marie Louise Pasteur, Camile Pasteur, Jean Baptiste Pasteur, Jeanne Pasteur, Cécile Pasteur
•Lived in. France.


Pasteurization Process
Rabies Vaccine
His wife’s name was Marie Laurent.
He wouldn’t shake anyone’s hand, not even royalty. He was afraid of contracting germs from people.
Pasteur’s wedding anniversary was May 29, 1848.
Web   address:
Title of page:
Who   put the information there? Anyone
How   reliable do you think the source of information is? Very Reliable Reliable Unreliable
Reason   for reliability rating:
How   current is the information? Current Recent Outdated
Is   the site regularly updated? Weekly Monthly Yearly Never
What   is the purpose of the site? Personal Public Political
Is   there any evidence of bias in the information? Yes No
Outline   any bias you find:
Confidence   in accuracy and reliability: Very Confident Confident Not